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Mile High

Gabe and I left for Denver yesterday. Our flight was delayed by several hours and we did not arrive at our hotel until around 2:00 a.m. Needless to say, we slept in today. We had attempted to transfer to the earlier flight to Denver while at the airport in Chicago, but we were told that since our luggage was tagged for the later flight they could not put it on the earlier flight. Since we would have to wait at the airport for our luggage to arrive in Denver, we decided just to keep the later flight. If we had to hang out at an airport for a couple of hours we decided that at least O'Hare had things to do. When we finally landed in Denver and went to the baggage claim area, we found our luggage in the unclaimed luggage section. Apparently it had taken the earlier flight. By the time that we made it to pick up our rental car we had our choice of a mini-van or an HHR. We went with the HHR. We finally made it the hotel and went to sleep.
We had lunch at the hotel restaurant today, since we didn't get up in time for breakfast. Then we went to the convention center and registered for the AAO Conference (I am already registered, but we registered Gabe for Friday so he could see me). For those of you that don't know, that is the reason that I am here. I am presenting a poster on "Trigeminal Nerve Manifestations of Herpes Simplex Virus in Female Siblings." I will be doing that tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. After that, I am going to go to a few classes...Gabe needs to study for his final on Monday. I am debating going to a class before my poster presentation. If I go to two of the early morning classes, I can get a free iPod. I guess it will depend on how tired I am tomorrow morning.
After registration we headed out to Red Rocks. It was really cool to see the natural amphitheater and all of the natural rock formations. Too bad there was not a concert going on. Next we went to Dinosaur Ridge. I had my picture taken with dinosaur footprints. We attempted to go to the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve where there are direct descendants of the last wild buffalo herd in North America. Our guide book said that we should take exit 250. There was no exit 250. So, we took 251 and ended up at Genesee Park. For those of you that are curious our guide book said that exit 254 was the exit for Genesee Park. We saw elk and buffalo. The elk were not in an enclosed area and we were probably twenty feet from them. The buffalo were enclosed and we were instructed to remain at least three feet away from them...they can be very unpredictable. The sign just made me laugh.
We came back to the hotel and went to 16th street in Denver and walked along going in a few shops along the way. We stopped at Hard Rock Cafe and I ordered Twisted Mac and Cheese...of course. Now we are back at the hotel and I have been studying. This time it isn't for boards, but instead for my poster presentation...I want to be ready for any questions that I might get asked. Well, I am going to start reading articles again.


I thought it was odd that city limit signs post elevation in place of the usual population. I guess everyone in Colorado is high.