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Dog Treats

Gabe and I went to the Happy Dog Barkery yesterday to buy Christmas gifts for all of the dogs in the family. I packaged all of them into little bags with gingerbread men on them and placed them with the other Christmas presents. Tony and Maren stopped by on their way to Minnesota today. We are at the half-way point between Tony's new rotation site and their parents. We all left to go out to eat and we forgot to put Clara in her cage. Usually this isn't too big of a deal for short periods of time, but apparently it is a different story when dog treats are around. We came back to find all of the packaging scattered around the floor and the treats were gone. Clara managed to eat 10 very large dog treats. They were in multiple shapes, dipped in icing, and some sprinkled with nuts. I guess she just couldn't help herself. She didn't get dinner tonight, she had way too many treats.