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Still Sick

I am still sick. I thought that I was getting better yesterday, but I woke up with a fever again today and to add to it, I was coughing up green stuff. I have been coughing up yellow stuff, but once it turned green I figured that I should go to the doctor. Apparently what I have started out as a viral bronchitis and then I got a secondary bacterial infection. I also have an ear infection. So, I have my antibiotics to fight the bacterial portion of my infection. I have pretty much slept all day. I feel like crap and I missed clinic again today. I am hoping that I don't have to make up the days that I am missing. I am going back to clinic tomorrow. If I can get my cough under control I can see patients, if I can't, the doctor suggested that I wear a mask. We will see how it goes.


Information from your friendly Respiratory Therapist. Any sputum that you cough up that is not clear or yellow is definitely a problem!