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On my way to Florida

I left today for Florida. I know what you are thinking, but it is not a vacation. I am actually here for a contact lens conference at the Vision Care Institute. It is an all expense paid trip for optometry students or residents. There are a few other people from my school here. Tony and I were supposed to be travel buddies, but he missed the flight. So, I ended up sitting next to a lady (I am pretty sure that she was in the wrong seat) that was very unfriendly. My seat was the window seat and I smiled and told her that I was sitting next to her and she stared at me. I asked if I was in the correct space, row 15 seat D. She stared at me. I again told her that I was sitting in the seat next to her. She stared at me. I said okay and I threw my jacket and bag over her into my seat and then I proceeded to step over her into my seating area. She did not budge and neither did her bag that was resting on her shins. She took up more than her fair share of the armrest in between us (she was in my seat). She elbowed me a couple of times. She got up and walked around during landing and had to be told to put her seatbelt on during landing. She was pretty rude and I am pretty sure that she spoke English. Even if she didn't speak English she could have at least smiled back. Smiles are pretty much universal in any language.


You mean they /always/ mean "Hmm, you look like I could con you out of your life savings" or is Crookery what you bake with and not a language?