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Well, we came back from camping today. It was pretty fun. It rained quite a bit and the ground was muddy, but we didn't let it get us down. The fire was nice (I love roasting marshmallows). I had them for dessert last night and breakfast this morning. I think that the dogs had a pretty good time. I know that Tony and Maren's dogs did, they escaped from the tent in the middle of the night. Luckily, both came back this morning and were safe. Andrew and Nicole know how to make camping comfortable with their blow-up air matress, gas stove, and sink. As my dad said, sounds like they are the smart ones. We came back a little early to get a few things completed around here. I am proud to say that the den is done! Well, everything except for Gabe's pile, but I am leaving that for him.


Why do I always have a pile?

For some reason guys always have piles... it's just the way it is!!

Guys always have piles.. that's just the way it is!!

Yes, I posted twice. You know why?? Because I'm cool like that!! :)