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Unloading Part I

We left for my parents today. We had to add a few things to the truck that we forgot last night, but nothing too major. If anyone out there will be moving soon (and I know a few of you will), the post office moving kit has a $50 off coupon for Budget rental trucks. I will say that the Budget trucks are not as comfortable as U-Haul, but they are cheaper. The gas mileage isn't that great either. Just in case you are wondering, and I know that Tony is, they get about 10 miles per gallon. Once arriving in at my parent's, we unloaded the cargo. I honestly believe that 2/3 of our belongings were packed into the truck. At least we will not have as much stuff to move to the suburbs. After unpacking we ordered my favorite pizza...Mimmo's pepperoni and green olives. If we would have remembered our swimsuits we could have hit the pool.