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Yesterday I became a "true" commuter. After traveling ~one and a half hours each way in traffic, I no longer consider my 10 minute ride to school to be a commute. Unfortunately there are no trains to my new site. If there were I would be going Metra all of the way. I saw a new traffic manuver while driving yesterday. As I was merging with traffic onto the expressway a car drove over the concrete barrier from the lanes of traffic into the merging exit. Then they drove in the merging lane for a while and then went right back into the lane of traffic that they came from. After the merging lane ended they drove in the emergency lane for a bit. The emergency lane driving was something that I had seen before, but jumping the concrete barrier to get in a lane that was about end was something new. I have decided that I am going to start listening to books on CD to help pass the time. Any suggestions?