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Audio Books...A Good Thing

Saturday Gabe and I went to see the movie "Accepted". The movie was pretty good, but it was made even sweeter by the movie cash that we used. It only cost $4.00 for both of us to see the movie.
Yesterday I started listening to 2nd Chances on CD. It is the second installment of the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson. It is pretty good. I read the first book in the series a while back when there were no new Alex Cross novels to read. Patterson's Alex Cross series is one of my favorites. So far, the second book in the Women's series is good enough that I am looking forward to the third. I really am buying into the entire "audio book" idea. Initially I thought that I might not like it that much, but it helps the time pass very quickly (or at least quicker) on my drive. I also get to listen to books that I would not have the time to read otherwise. My plan with the audio books is to sell them after I listen to them. Hopefully I will be able to sell them online and continue to purchase more books with the money.