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Superman and a Wedding

Yesterday Gabe and I were up early to start the journey to Belleville, IL. One of my friends from college was getting married. I actually received a quadruple bonus. Julie, Mylisa, Natalie, and Al were all there as well. I am sad to say that I had not seen most of them since we were at the same college. I will say that we do talk and email each other though. It was a lot of fun. Some of us even made a pact to call each other at least once a month. We always have a ton of fun together. Hopefully some of them will be able to make their way north to visit sometime soon. We decided to head back to Chicago after the reception. We didn't arrive back at our apartment until around 2:00 in the morning. We were both so tired that I think we were both asleep by the time that our heads hit the pillows. Today we went to the movies with Nicole and Andrew and watched Superman. I must say that it was much better than I had expected. I still think that Superman looked way too young though. After the movie I have just been doing some things around the apartment...hanging up pictures, laundry, etc. Gabe has a project, paper, and final this week, so he has been pretty busy today working on "school stuff". I have four more weeks of school until my next rotation. I must say that I am not looking forward to the act of moving itself, but I am eager to live in a new location. I will miss this apartment though, it is the only place that Gabe and I have lived in together. I think that I am going to do some Sudoku before heading to bed.


I was thinking the same thing about Superman being too young. I was also thinking the entire time that Lois was too young to have a five year old son. Who knows though... I guess we're both getting old when we think that people are too young....

Hey Silky! I was avoiding homework and thought I would post a comment. It sounds like you had a fun time at the wedding. My parents and I will be going to Chicago the last weekend of July. I am trying to get them to stop by your house. P.S. - I think Superman looks too young as well. I will email you later.

Woo Hoo...Knotty Pine and Silky Willow...Reunite!