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New Apartment

We found somewhere to live yesterday! Actually, we just went because I wanted to see an additional layout of the apartment. Gabe had stopped by after work one day and decided that he liked the new layout better. So, we drove to the apartments, took a look, and before we had signed a lease. The funny thing is I only went there to look at the apartment. We had discussed it before we went and decided that we were staying there. They like my dogs, there is an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a work out facility. It should be pretty nice. The location will cut down on the commute time that both of us will have to get to work. The only downside is that I really needed to move mid-August, but the apartment will not be ready until early to mid-September. I guess that we will work with what we have. I must say that it feels good to know where we are going.


"It feels so good to know where you are going" How very true! I wish I could say the same about my life after ICO!

I hear ya! The "life after ICO situation" still isn't solved. Figuring that out would make me feel so much BETTER!

I presume we will all get an updated address . . .

Of course you will. Maybe we will be closer...Meson Sabika here we come!