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My name is...

If your name matches the "mystery name", you might just win yourself a trip to Barcelona with a complete stranger. Apparently this poor guys girlfriend dumped him and left him with a non-transferable ticket to Spain. "All" you have to do to see if you get the trip is send him your name, address, phone number, weight, height, and some pics. He is just looking for friendship, but if more happens he feels "that is cool". I wonder why his girlfriend left him. I am just sitting here trying to figure out who would actually send this guy all of their information. If I am going to Spain, I will pay for it myself...or until I get a "real job" I guess Gabe will.


So the question is...is there actually a ticket yet, or is he going to order one in the name of the person he thinks is cutest. If the former, why couldn't he at least supply initials, eh?

Good point. I still think that the entire idea is creepy.