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Mall Weekend

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were very good even if they did come out of a can. My mom makes good cinnamon rolls and they don't come from a can. We were going to see a movie, but by the time we were ready to go, it was too late. Instead we went to an outlet mall in Indiana. It was fun to walk around (it was an outdoor mall). After shopping we decided drive to Michigan since we were really close and neither of us had been to Michigan before. We stopped off at a rest area and walked around a bit. Then we decided to come back to Chicago. We just finished dinner, and think that we are about to watch a movie. This weekend turned into a lot of shopping, but I must say not a lot of purchases came from it.


I must disagree about the amount of purchases. Granted, not much was purchased for me. However, I believe that Stephanie made at least a month's worth of purchases in one weekend! :)

Sounds like you're in trouble Stephanie!! :)

Hmmm...who encouraged the purchases?