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Bad Day

Today I must say was not the best of all days. We decided to look for a new place to live closer to Gabe's work and my upcoming externship sites. Let's just say that we were sadly disappointed. The only place that we saw with potential is a little more than we were willing to spend and it is pretty small. I guess all that I can say is we at least have a back up. We are going to have to increase the amount of money that we are willing to spend on rent in order to find a place that we are willing to stay. To add to the poor turn out of housing options my palm pilot fell out of my book bag onto the floor in the front seat of the car. Somehow the case managed to fall off and I ended up stepping on it, cracking the screen...they don't make my model anymore. Gabe decided to take me to one of my favorite places to eat and both the food and the wait staff sucked. Today just wasn't a good day. All I have to say is at least we have tomorrow to look, though I am not looking forward to it.