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The Spelling Bee Buzz

Today after clinic I didn't accomplish much. Gabe and I flipped through that T.V. stations in an attempt to procrastinate even more. The only thing that we could find on the T.V. worth watching was the spelling bee finals...and that was a stretch. So, we became hooked and I found myself rooting for the girl from N.J. in the final rounds. Katie Close won by spelling the word "Ursprache" correctly. For those of you wondering, ursprache is a hypothetically reconstructed parent language. I wonder how many times the word has been googled since the end of the competition. So, yes, I did watch the spelling bee (I know it sounds sad), and I actually enjoyed it!


Google trends (http://www.google.com/trends) will tell you all about Google search volumes. I thought the spelling bee was quite entertaining. However, I don't think I would want my child to participate. In general, I don't like the entertainment industry for the children I don't have...