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Rain, Rain Go Away!

The day started out bright and sunny. We went on a walking tour that I organized from internet information. It saved us $80! We started out at Rawson Square - the center of the government in the Bahamas. Then we walked to the library and looked around. It used to be the jail. Maren saw prisoners walking between buildings and right past the present day library. The Queen's Staircase was next on the list. It is 65 limestone stairs and is 102 feet high. There is a lot of lush vegetation around. It reminded me of something that you would see near a Mayan temple. Next we walked to the water tower. It is the highest point on the island at 216 feet above sea level. Next, we went to Fort Fincastle and then to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. I prefer the Art Institute in...gasp...Chicago. Our plan after the walking tour was to head to the beach. The rain and lightening didn't agree. We decided to play cards. The electricity didn't agree with that option, the power went out. So, we decided to go and eat at The Poop Deck. We left to walk and it went from sprinkling to raining really hard. We went to the restaurant and before we could place our order the generator quit working ( I do not believe that they were using a Caterpillar generator...it would have worked) :). Fortunately they had candles for the tables and the kitchen runs on gas, so were able to order food. After dinner we went back to the resort and went to bed.