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Today I did something "super fun". I had allergy testing done. It actually wasn't that bad. It turns out I am allergic to all of the things that they tested me for except two...dogs and I can't remember the other one right now. I guess that I will ask the doctor what it is when I go back. Ten hours after the testing I still had a raised, hard, red, hot area on my arm about the size of three silver dollars. My face was red and I had red splotches on my neck as well as a fever over 100. I called the doctor to find out what I should do. Normally I would just take a Benadryl to stop the histamine reaction...Benadryl and I have a long history together, but since they started me on a new allergy med today I wasn't sure about mixing the two. It took them a while to call me back and in the mean time I went ahead and took the Benadryl and applied Benadryl Cream to the area. By the time they called me back my arm wasn't nearly as red, hard, hot, or as raised as it had been previously and my fever had gone down. Basically it was just pink and warm. They did say that if it happened again to call them back immediately. Now my arm is just pink and warm. I think that my buddy Benadryl and I will have another encounter tonight before I head off to bed. I still have some more fun testing to look forward to in my future.