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Long Drive

We went to my parents for Easter. The drive was long. It was made a bit shorter by the fact that Gabe drove instead of me. It was well after midnight before we pulled in, and everyone was in bed. Both Gabe and I managed to avoid waking up my parents, but Elsa (my dog) didn't. She jumped right into bed next to my mom and woke her up. Just a little side note: the thing that gets me about my dogs is that they will wake me up in the morning and jump/quietly bark until I get out of the bed and then they both go back to sleep. Anyway, today Gabe and I went for a run, went to the deli and purchased items for lunch meat sandwiches, and then we worked on the pool area (i.e., pulling weeds, potting flowers, etc.). It was actually a productive and relaxing day. We then went out to dinner at the new Italian Restaurant the next town over. It was pretty good, but I give it a year. Most of the restaurants in that location don't last more than a few years. So, you are probably wondering why we are eating lunch meat and out at restaurants since my mom enjoys cooking. My mom is having her kitchen redone. She currently has no water, stove, microwave, or basically anything that you need to cook. She does however have a fridge, hence the lunch meat. I am not sure what we will do tomorrow.