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For All of the Scrubs Fans...

Ever wonder which Scrubs character you might be? Take a quiz and find out. Thanks to the soon to be birthday girl, Nicole, for the link. I must be honest and say that I don't really watch the show, but a lot of people that I know do. I am looking for a new show to watch since one of the three that I follow only has three episodes left...this may be the replacement. I did watch part of Grey's Anatomy last night and it was pretty good. I am thinking about watching the first season...hmm if I had it now I might start watching. It is probably a good thing that I don't, I need to study. On a totally different wave length...I had a practical today for Infant and Child Development. It was the first group practical that I have ever taken and I must say that it was pretty relaxed. I administered the Intelligence Test. I hope that our group passed. If we didn't then we each have to repeat the entire practical individually, which also means that we each need our own patient by next Monday, when the repeat will occur. So, hopefully we passed since I have an allergy testing session scheduled for Monday...sounds like fun...maybe I would rather do the practical again ;) Well, enough stalling, I should probably get back to studying for my strab exam.


Oh yeah, I took the quiz. I turned out to be Elliott. Though I must say I don't know which character I like best (since I don't know much about the characters) and my result changes if I change my favorite Scrubs character.

I'm probably Dr. Cox... Again, I don't watch the show, so know nothing about my favorite character.

Well, we need my answer since I LOVE SCRUBS!!
I am Carla...
Caring and concerned about others to a fault.
It's ok to take care of you too!
So, there you go! BTW... I'll send the first season with Andrew tomorrow!

Yippee! After I watch it I will take the quiz over and see which Scrubs character I really am.