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Yesterday I did something that I would consider to be pretty interesting. I went with my friend, Tony, to Filbert's. Filbert's is a family run soda business just a few minutes from where I live. They offer a large variety of flavors, and you can mix and match a box of 24 bottles to suit your own taste. The internet sells Filberts from $30.00 to $40.00+ for a case of 24, but if you actually go to the bottling facility it will run you $9.00. I have not tried any yet, but I plan on sampling them all at my parent's house. I bought a case to take with me next time that I go and visit. If you plan on seeing me and you would like a case, let me know and I will pick one up for you, otherwise here is a website where you can order them. I don't believe that Filbert's has an official website, or if it does I couldn't find one. The flavors that they offer are (since no single website lists them all): black cherry, blue raspberry, cream soda, cherry, cola (which I was told by a worker contains triple the caffeine of a regular cola), diet root beer, fruit punch, ginger ale, grape, grapefruit, lime, Mr. Newport, orange, peach, pineapple, root bear, strawberry, watermelon, and sparkling water...wow that was a lot! Just for fun, filbert belongs to the hazelnut family and received its namesake because it ripens near the celebration of monk with the same name.


Sounds tasty. I can't wait to try some!

So far root beer is my favorite.