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Card Making

Gabe has a mid-term today, so yesterday evening I went to a class at Archiver's with Nicole. Hmm...I think that Nicole has been mentioned more in this blog than anyone...maybe not as much as Gabe. Anyway, we went to the "Chalk Full of Color Workshop". There were points during the class that I believe I had more chalk on me than the card. The class had a dual purpose. It looked like fun (it was) and Gabe was supposed to study while I was gone. I am not entirely convinced that he didn't do other things besides study (tv, computer, games). :) I guess the moral of this entry is, if you get a birthday card from me it might be one from the workshop...I now have a bunch of them.


Yay Card Making! I had a lot of fun at Archivers. I really like the cards we made too.. We HAVE to go again! :)

I totally studied. We should have the test results to prove it on Thursday.